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Choosing a Mountain Realtor

Brad Eich - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Its seems as though everywhere you go you meet a real estate agent.  Since the return of the real estate market, the number of licensed real estate agents is on the rise. There are many great agents and firms in the area so what should be considered when choosing an agent in the Evergreen foothill area?

Agents in Evergreen and Conifer are interdependent, highly integrated and rely on each other for business.  A well-networked listing agent will oftentimes generate interest in a home even before it comes to market, while a good Buyer’s agent will hear of new listings and preview or tour homes for their prospective buyer.  Networking agents will get a home sold, so choose one that is well integrated with the Foothill Real Estate community.   Work with an agent who belongs to The Mountain Metro Association of Realtors, is a Realtor* and is a Certified Mountain Area specialist or at least well versed in the intricacies of transacting mountain property.

Evergreen and Conifer homes differ greatly in price, style and location.  Homes are geographically spread out, with a wide variety of elevations and aspects.  Common home issues in the market include well, septic, survey matters, insurance, appraisals, title work and more.  Furthermore, there is a tremendous amount of liability in buying or selling a home.  Finding an agent that has local knowledge, independent resources, and an awareness of your particular liabilities will help you avoid the potential pitfalls of home ownership and future resale. For example, do you own a legal parcel?  Has your parcel been legally subdivided and is it a full lot within a platted subdivision, or meets at least one of the following:  It is a parcel that was approved by an Exemption from Platting, or, It is at least 35 acres, or the land was divided BY DEED executed before May 5, 1972.  Parcels that are not legal can be costly and timely to fix and resell.  For a nominal fee Jefferson County Planning and Zoning can research weather or not your parcel is legal.  A full survey more may be required.  Well and septic issues are also a common cause for concern.  The majority of homes in our area are on well and septic.  Septic systems and wells can cost $20,000 each or more.  Jefferson County now requires that septic systems are pumped, inspected and permitted upon sale.   Permits are good for one year.   Make sure your well checks out with acceptable flow rate and potable water.  It’s good to know if your well is  domestic(outside use) or household use  only.  Make sure you have a well permit registered with the Colorado Divisions Of Water Resources.

Also, Over two thirds of Jefferson County is in a RED ZONE or dangerous wildfire area.  Insurance premiums can be higher and in some cases insurance on homes denied.  Check with you insurance on any requirements needed for fire mitigation prior to closing.

Take the time to find an agent who is creative, diverse and well-branded.  There are many brokerages that offer outstanding marketing.  While selecting a well known brokerage firm will certainly help expose your property, it is also important to look at the individual service and marketing that your personal agent will provide.

Transacting a home is a huge undertaking and for many, the largest purchase of their lives.   The process is intimate and can at times become stressful.  An agent who is patient, calm, a good listener, and one who can mediate, negotiate and keep things moving along when up against deadlines is more likely to get you to closing.   Along with negotiating the best price and dealing with the intricacies of a real estate transaction, an agent earns their commission by reducing the stress of the buying and selling process.   A seasoned agent who comes naturally equipped with these skills is more likely to get your home sold.

I often ask people how they feel before they make an offer on a home.   If it doesn’t feel good, don’t buy it.  Trust your instincts and choose the agent who takes the time to listen to your needs and with whom you feel comfortable.  Choose the agent that is knowledgeable, humble and undersells.   Choose the agent you can entrust with what might be the most important transition and financial investment in your life.

* Realtors are pledged to a code of ethics and standards of practice, which was adopted in 1913 by the National Association Of Realtors

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